About Us

Why insight for health?

I live in Traralgon and am married with three adult children. I have always liked helping others and did a lot of voluntary work in various community groups while my children were growing up. 

After the birth of my third child, I struggled with chronic eczema, digestive problems and was tired all the time. I went to various doctors for treatment with no success. I did some reading and had a light bulb moment, realising that I had a systemic issue that actually led to all of my seemingly unrelated symptoms.  

So, I researched more about it, put myself on a diet, took some herbs and supplements, did some exercise and proceeded to get better! 

This experience ignited a passion in me to help others overcome or prevent ill health. 

I would love to help you gain some insight into your health!

Special interests

  • Salicylate Sensitivity
  • Genetic Analysis
  • Mental Health
  • Homeopathy